Who We Are

[kh-oo-la] grow; increase; develop; mature; grow up

Khula was born in the kitchen of a student digs by Ayanda Ngwenya and Charnelle Davids at the commencement of the COVID-19 national lockdown. The team of two were met with an opportunity of re-selling homemade natural hair products for a local distributor. After carrying out their contract, both Ayanda and Charnelle sought to venture out by starting a brand of their own.

To start, Ayanda pledged his post-grad scholarship funding to bootstrap essential supplies and ingredients, while Charnelle sacrificed her study and leisure time to learn about manufacturing hair products.

The word Khula is a Zulu/Xhosa word for Grow. The name was chosen after we saw the remarkable hair growth results that our customers experienced within a short span of a few weeks of using our products.

Our grand social mission is to help the community Khula (grow) by empowering teenagers/youth with tools, knowledge and opportunities that enable them to start micro-businesses to support their families.

This is an initiative that we hope to steer soon. We hope that our products make your hair smile, as much as your support warms our hearts.

Here’s to your Khula journey.

Khula Team



Chantel Freeman

I love your products! I'm experiencing less hair loss and my hair is so much stronger. Let's not even get started with how much my hair grew. I would definitely recommend your products.


I've always had challenges growing my hair , especially my hairline. After using the hair tonic consistently for a month I could see my hair growing and shedding less. I really recommend using Khula for growth and healthier hair.


The excessive use of heat and chemicals over the years have damaged my hair to the point where I had to cut it all off and start again. I now use the Khula range to care for my crown by nourishing it with all the nutrients it needs and as you can see the results are looking amazing.